Monday, April 25, 2011

Cabbage Diet update:
Here is the update..did the cabbage diet and roca labs beginning last tuesday. never followed it faithfully any day. Was completely off of it on Sunday and yesterday (Monday) and I lost 5pounds. know what..i am good with that. I am going to continue it this week. i like is pretty easy and takes the guess work out of planning what to eat. call me crazy..but i like knowing that today i am going to have all the fruit i want. and the soup..then tomorrow i get to have all the veggies i want..and so on. and if i want a little something that is not on that day..i have it. so. i am going to do this again..tuesday thru saturday of this week. i like having sunday's off of the formula and cabbage diet. then monday i started the formula again..but not the cabbage diet. now..tuesday..back to work and my weekly routine..i start cabbage diet and the roca labs again. and it warm weather approaching..i love to make fruit smoothies in the spring and summer. i made my morning formula into a fruit smoothie and will have another one later tonight after my soup. so..i am feeling pretty okay. what makes me feel i did not have to totally deprive myself of stuff in order to lose. we will see how this week goes. Oh, I wore my size 10 dress on mother's day..and i must say that i looked and felt cute!

Cabbage soup diet plan & the formula:
So, started the cabbage soup plan. the first day i did not take the formula with it and was hungry and discouraged cuz i was at get ready...161!!! that's more than when i initially started the formula. i was really low about this and found it extremely hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. I felt like a big failure and blob and just really found it hard to get motivated. i followed the plan all day and then ate like crazy that night. one did not count. the next day i had renewed hope and talked to myself and told myself to stop the pity party and get back on the wagon and give it all you've got. so..i did. this is my 5th day and i have lost 5 pounds. that makes me at 156. i'll take it. tomorrow is mother's day and my family wants to take me to dinner. and i haven't been exactly faithful to the plan today. but you know what..i am okay with it. if i go off or don't follow it perfectly these two days that is okay. i will just start all over with day #1 on monday. i know you are only supposed to do it for 7 days but i will extend it and do it until i feel like i need to switch it up. roca labs formula helps me to feel less hungry on the cabbage plan. so i will ride it out until i feel a switch is needed.

  1. Have not been on the scale in days--primarily cuz i just can't face the music. this past week has been absolutely crazy for me.working day and night (no exaggeration). work all day. break for about an hour and a half then back at church for evening services. monday-friday. not a good eating week. did formula most days..but didn't several as well. could not stay motivated...besides fitting into that suit!
  2. Mother nature is here...another reason why i avoided the scale. i bloated up nicely this month. ankles and toes swollen bad. tried that hot lemon and water concoction i heard about on facebook..but don't know if it was really helpful.
  3. trying the cabbage soup diet beginning tomorrow. the soup is simmering now..i need to change things up. i need a the positive direction. so..i will do it this week and pray for success. don't care if it is water weight that i lose. i need positive movement in the downward direction. if this will give it to me with out me having to resort to being anorexic or bulimic as i did in years past..i will try it. if it plan is to try cabbage diet one week roca labs..and alternate the two for a month. we shall see. i am open..i just know that my last little bit on roca labs has not been tremendously successful. so i need to try something new.
  4. i sold one bag of my formula and am considering selling another bag. since i am not really losing with the formula..i figure i need to make some of my money back. not sure yet if i will actually sell that second bag cuz i am jump starting things with the cabbage diet and may indeed need the other bag..
  5. despite being off of the diet or not doing it religiously...alot of my cravings are still gone.and that is shocking to me. and i still can't overeat like i used to befor the formula. i like it!
  6. this week i will add exercise back into my life. i miss it and honestly..i feel like a slob without it.
  7. positive speak was at an all time low last week. everytime i looked in the mirror or looked at my rump i was like...REALLY? very disappointed in what i saw and how i felt about me. i considered doing some bad taking diet pills and even worse..diuretics and laxatives..some of my old tricks. but God was with me and i did not. i feel like i will always have that eating disorder monkey on my back..always tempting me to resort to old tricks when something about my life displeases me.

Today's success:
Yesterday I had a whopper with cheese and an order of fries! Crazy, right? i had been craving it for over 2 weeks now and I said just have it. it was great..glad it is out of my system and i can move on. i do feel very bloated and blah today though. i am beginning to feel like a major slacker for not exercising in so long. i need to do it and be consistant with it. so..after this crazy week of work..beginning sunday..may 1st i will go back to exercising at least 3 days a week..and i am going to stick with it. i feel better about myself and my body when i do that. now..i look in the mirror and have some 'not so healthy' self talk. when i exercise i feel more toned and fit..even if the scale does not agree! in preparation for church tonight..i tried on a polka dot black and white suit that i bought years ago. i tried it on several months ago and it was a "NO". is a "YES"! I am pleased. so the first time in a long while..i will fit in that suit. that is my success victory for today!!

Still on the plan:
I am pleased with how yesterday went for me. I almost did NOT meet my goal for yesterday: eat lunch. with the formula..i just am not hungry and i have to make an effort to eat lunch. i had to work late last night. was 10:35 by the time i got home. i felt bad eating dinner that late...but i really feel i took myself into starvation mode before by not eating. so..i want to make sure that does not happen again this week and in week's to come. i have a crazy busy schedule at work this week so i know i won't get a chance to exercise. i will do the best i can with eating and hope to incorporate exercise next week.
Starting Anew:
Last week I was very frustrated. i had stalled in my weight loss. had not lost one single pound in 3 weeks. pretty discouraging..despite exercising and keeping my calories low...nothing. so..i binged. yep..i did. next day i was 3 pounds heavier on the scale and my sanity was gone. i decided i needed to go off the formula because i needed a breather between it and me. i was also going out of town for the holidays and was unsure if i wanted to take it along. didn't want people questioning me.

was away tues-saturday/sunday am (like 3am). i did take the formula everyday but one. it was helpful to me because instead of pigging out and eating massive amounts of food...i was able to have what everyone else was having..but just less. didn't have to feel like a weirdo on a diet while everyone else is enjoying good foods. and surprisingly..i did not want to pig out. sometimes i took the formula mid or late day and was not even hungry. and the day that i didn't take was because i forgot. when i got on the scale on sunday..i was back where i was before my binge. can you believe that?

i am back on the plan today..i learned a few things..1..i can go without getting on the scales daily. and i did not get on it this morning. i thought about it and was then like...nah don't need to know.'s not that serious!! i can not be consumed by this weight loss effort. and i can not let it define me. i will do the best i can. outside of that..i can do no more. i don't know why weight doesn't just melt off of me. is interesting to me that i was away and ate good foods and lost back down and maintained the weight i was when i stalled for 3 weeks! and during those three weeks i did not eat much at all. crazy.

one other thing that happened on the trip that was good...i bought a size 10 dress!

Daily goal: don't skip lunch

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week #5-April 18th-Monday: This week is a bust for me. i have remained constant and it is really starting to get to me. i have remained the same for 3 weeks now. despite all my positivity and sticking with the is becoming very discouraging. granted..i am not gaining but to remain the same..tough to say the least. am losing inches..but i want to lose pounds. am going on vacation to see family for easter. not really sure if i should bother dragging the formula with me. i need to do something different to see a change. i have 10 more pounds to lose. UGH!

Week #5-April 15th-Friday:Today was the hardest day ever for me on the formula. i had real head hunger issues. i grazed all day. UGH! not sure what that was about. Week 5 has been a struggle for me. I haven't been able to motivate myself to exercise either this week. Tomorrow will be will Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. I have a couple of more days to pull it together. Next wednesday we are going on vacation to visit family for Easter. Have not decided yet if i will take the formula. I believe I will. But not 100% sure. I am not getting on the scale until Tuesday! No pics this week.

Week #5-April 14th-Thursday: I finally did it!!! I did not get on the scale today! I wanted to a couple of times this morning..but I told myself NO! Not weighing till Friday. And by-golly i did not do it! i got dressed made my formula for later and left the house! this is indeed the first time in..i don't know when that i did not jump on the scale in the AM. and i don't feel tempted to get on tonight either (yep..been known to weigh day and night).  also..i have dropped down to a single dose..from weeks 2-4 i did a double dose in the am. i am now going to try a single dose mid day and see how that works for me. i actually like this new thing i am doing...light bkft..formula (single dose) midday then dinner later. i find that i get full really quick in the morning without taking the formula. around 1:30 i want i take it (although i make it in the am) then around 7:30 i have dinner. let's see what results i get.
Week #5-April 13th-Wednesday:
Entering week 5. my primary goal for this week is to only weigh 2 times this week.  Friday will be the next day I will weigh in. I am switching it up this week. I am not taking the formula first thing in the morning. i am having a light breakfast and then around lunch time I have the formula. Then I don't have anything till dinner. actually last night i almost forgot to eat! i need to work out today.. i have taken a couple of days off but i need to get back on track.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week #5--Tuesday..April 12th-Official Weigh In:
Drum roll......My official month one weight loss is 6 pounds! But I am great with that. I think I look way better now than when I started this. If you look at my pics you can tell there is a difference. So i have lost inches. the pounds have to follow. I will not be weighing in again until Friday. I am going to stop weighing daily. It messes with my head and makes me crazy. I am just going to work the plan and let the plan work for me. that is my goal for this week. I am encouraged. Can't wait to wear my new dresses I bought on Saturday. I feel spokin' hot when I wear them..due to all the inches that I have lost!

Week #4-Sunday..April 10th: Posted new pics. can see a little difference from last week. i seem to be losing more inches than pounds!

Week #4-Saturday..April 9th:Well..the plan continues today. don't feel as bloated as yesterday.  down some on the scale..and of course that is great too! bought 2 dresses today and i must admit..i looked hot in them!!! i was very pleased when i tried one on at the store..i got the same dress in another color! spent more than i wanted..but hey.. worth every dime to feel so great about how i looked. i think i have lost more inches than pounds..i should have taken my measurements when i started this..but oh well. don't know if i will take any pics this week..

Back on the plan today:   Back on the formula today. Lots of water..double dose in the am. didn't eat much today..fell really bloated. emotionally have not been doing so swell the past few days..i know i am letting the devilish scale dictate my happiness and that disappoints me. this is usually what happens to me on diets/plans..i throw myself into it and give it all i have..then when i don't see the numbers in the time that i think i should...i throw in the towel. i am not a lazy person. i am a go getter so i expect to meet my goals..when i don't..i get upset. so...yesterday..i had to pull back. take a day off and center myself. i still love the formula..i guess i need to tweak it some way so that i get better results. i thought perhaps i was exercising too i scaled that back. i am out of suggestions for myself. i tried to incorporate some positive self talk too cuz once you start getting down on yourself..things can really go south. as of tonight..i am not sure if i will make my 10 pounds in 30 days goal. it seems so simple and reasonable. tomorrow will be better.

Taking today off-ThursdayApril 6th

What a poopy afternoon/evening this was! i don't mean toilet poopy. i mean emotionally. socially. drama at the cheer director's meeting. drama almost as soon as i walked through the door. i was already fighting the blahs at work today..i had almost convinced myself to go off the plan cuz all my efforts don't seem to be paying off anyway. i tried alot of positive self talk today. so much so that i was almost arguing with myself today!! anyway..the craziness/drama in other areas got my mind off of losing weight and i ended up barely able to eat my dinner which was one chicken wing and one serving of cocktail rye bread. very strange how the drama had that effect on me. i did not exercise. i feel as though i will see a gain tomorrow for today. this was not a good day.

Week4-Wednesday..April 6th:Last night I worked out twice..first i did my step aerobics tape twice...then later while watching the biggest loser i did my stepper for 45 minutes. my goal for this week is to lose 4 pounds. i don't usually levvy a particular weight loss number for myself for a week cuz that could be dangerous. i usually try to make behavior goals..which hopefully will lead to number goals..but what i am finding is despite making behavioral does not always translate into number goals..i think that stinks royally!!! needless to say...i did all that working out yesterday and no movement on the scale. lie..i was bummed. i worked hard yesterday. then i had a serious talk with myself and told myself that i absolutely would not let the number dictate my day! i feel good. i look good and the numbers will work for time. positive self talk. that's my goal for this week..positive self matter what the number on the scale is..

Week4-Tuesday..April 5th-Official Weigh in: Well today is weigh in day. and the grand total loss for this week is zero. However...given the TOM issues of gaining 3 pounds..then losing them..I will celebrate my zero.  Cuz that zero also means no weight gain. Hopefully this week for will be promising and produce a yield of loss pounds. To recap my goals for this week.. I did well with all but one...weighing myself.. Also i was supposed to figure out how to tape a video of myself to submit at the end of week 4 cuz I want to get some of my $$ back! My bff has agreed to video for me. Just need to decide what I will say. Want to produce a quality work of art.
Tonight I will do my stepper and step aerobics...i am going all out this week!

Week3-Monday..April 4th

Part2: Did my mini stepper for 40 minutes! Woa!! I did it while watching the show HEAVY. Great motivator!

Part 1:Okay..didn't lose anything..but I am still happy to have shed those 2 pounds from TOM. i feel great though. i am toned and eating less. Used my my mini stepper for 28 minutes last night!! my goal was 20 minutes so I am happy to have exceeded the challenge. tomorrow is my official weigh-in day. i know i am not going to have a huge number.  i want to at least lose 4 more pounds by the end of my week 4..that would make 10 pounds for my first month..which would leave me only 5 pounds from my goal..but i am getting ahead of myself.  well..not much else to report tonight. on my way to do my mini stepper!!
Week3-Sunday..April 3rd
I am back to where I was before TOM occured! Thank God. Now hopefully I will be on track and can manage to lose a couple of pounds before my official weigh-in on Tuesday. This morning my husband told me I looked nice today and that he could really tell that I had lost weight. This product MUST be working!!!
Also my bff commented yesterday that there was a dramatic difference in my week 2 and week 3 photos.
I bought a mini-stepper yesterday from Goodwill for $20. I plan to incorporate that into my workout schedule. I did it for 12 minutes straight last night...OMG! One of my week 4 goals will be to do Jillian Michael's workout 2 times in that week. Right now..let me evaluate how I am doing with my week 3 goals...
*exercise 4 times a week--doing great with that
*protein--hmm. doing better than week 2 but still have room for improvement
*encouraging others daily--doing great with that i do believe
*scale--doing NOT good with that. i should decide right now not to weigh myself until tuesday..official weigh in day.

Week3-Saturday..April 2nd
Exercised this AM. Felt really good to get my body moving again.  Decided not to do
Jillian Michaels. Too much. Stuck with my step aerobics tape and just used a higher step. Good work out
if I must say so myself. Things on the scale were a little better. Lost one pound of the 2 that I had gained.
Perhaps it really was TOM. Not sure..Don't care. Just want to lose them!
Tried the formula with fruit punch and pineapple juice today.
Ultra yummy. Used my ninja again. It was thick and creamy. Then I warmed it up. Truly the best yet!!

Took week 3 photos last night. Posted them below. I think I can see a difference. I will continue to stick to the plan!!
Week3-Friday..April 1st

It's a new month...I have been on Roca Labs for three weeks now.
Last week was absolutely wonderful as far as weight loss was concerned.
This week it is not going that well despite my earnest efforts to do the right thing.
My scale hates me and has it out for me!!!
But let me talk about some things that I have noticed:

* My cravings for sweets are absolutely gone. We have donuts and danishes in the house and
I don't even remotely want ANY. I should thank Roca Labs for that if nothing else!!
* I think before I put stuff in my mouth now. I ask myself "am i really hungry?" "is this the best
choice i can make for myself right now?" again..that is huge.
* When I am angry or upset..i don't go for food. Last night... I was really bummed that my weight loss is +2
instead of -2 or -5 for the week. I was so sad inside I wanted to cry and never stop. In the past had I felt like
this it would have been "ON". I would have binged and not felt the least bit bad about it. I had the thought..but decided against it and the more I thought about it..the more that thought made me feel sick inside. Instead I just kept telling myself to "stick to the plan". I guess I can't hit a homerun every week...but boy it would be nice if I could.

So..those are all good things that I have gained from my journey thus far. I am still extremely pissed about those 2 pounds. I don't know to blame them on mother nature or what. And I think that is the really disturbing part...I can't explain it. If I was overeating or splurging...I would actually be okay with a 2 pound gain...because I would know what to attribute it to. But to be exercising, eating right, and taking the formula and gain...well that is a tough pill to swallow.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Week Three Journey-Thursday

I did get on the scale and I am actually up by one pound.
Not sure why. Perhaps it's the TOM. I really don't know what else to blame it on. I've been following the plan and
not overeating or anything like that. A little bummed. I will get through it though!
Tomorrow will be a better day!

Week Three Journey-Wednesday-PM

I said I was not going to do it...but i exercised again today. no jillian!!! i was pretty sore and felt it would actually be good for my body if i gave it a good workout. what i did was used my step aerobics tape...but i used a taller step to add a different dimension to the workout.  did i sweat like i did the night before? no..but it was a good workout nonetheless. fixed a really healthy dinner after working out...sauteed onion with mushrooms and fresh spinach with about a 3/4 cups of cubed garlic rotisserie chicken...yummy! thank God for the formula and for trying to do the right thing...cuz the old me would have completedly gone over the top.!! my mood is kinda blah tonight and i believe it is because it is TOM. i'm feeling pretty bloated and ....blah...hopefully tomorrow will be better!! what i have been telling myself all day..."stick to the plan...despite what the scales may say".

Week Three Journey-Wednesday

Okay...I am failing miserably with this getting on the scale goal. I could not resist. and I am still only down by
six. no movement. hmmm.....don't know that I am feeling that. It is that special time of the perhaps that has something to do with the scale being forever stuck. All the more reason to stay off of it...but i just KNEW there would be movement especially after that workout last night.  But. I will move on..celebrate that it is not moving in the opposite direction and just continue to follow the plan. I want to talk about self sabbatoging because I have realized that I do that. I start a plan and week #1 i give it all i have. week #2 i slack a little and don't see the results i want. then week #3 i hit it with renewed vigor. week #4 i say forget it and quit. or if i am too successful...i slack so much that i undo my success and fail and thus fulfill my "prophecy" that the plan won't work.  This has to stop. This week I will keep the intensity high no matter what the scale says. I will stick with the plan and keep doing the right thing no matter what. keep stopping when I am full. keep exercising (although today...i think i may do my step aerobics tape and let jillian rest and pick her up tomorrow). keep staying positive about the changes thus far. Thursday is new pic day.

 Week Three Journey-Official Weigh-In Day-Tuesday

I was feeling brave so I decided I would challenge myself and try my new "last chance workout w jillian michaels' dvd. 1000 OMGS. that sucker was hard. i almost cried. but, it was a challenge and i only stopped like 2 times for 20 seconds. it was intense. glad when it was over...can't wait to do it again. don't know if i will be able to muster up enough strength for tomorrow. we will see. i am beginning to feel guilty if i don't exercise daily. that bothers me cuz moderation is the key. i don't wanna go overboard. i want balance. this seems to be so hard for me to achieve when it comes to weight loss. UGH!!! after exercising and showering i had dinner. a sliced tomatoe and a piece of chicken.  i felt really stuffed after that. i did feel proud that i made a healthy selection. one goal for today was to have more protein and that chicken counts as protein.

Goals---I must say that setting goals helps me. gives my day more direction. and it is really helpful to put them on "paper". So let me be accountable to myself and see how i did with my goals for this far so good. although i have weighed myself twice today...that is probably going to be the hardest goal to master. all i can do is try...

Week Three Journey-Official Weigh-In Day-Tuesday

Drum roll........Week #2 official weight loss is  6 LBS!!!! Meaning I know weigh 154 !!!
I am ultra excited by that.
some may say...umm big deal you have been at 6 for a couple of days...but last week nothing. this week 6. that's huge to me and i am happy about it!!!
I am now going to set some week #3 goals...

 *Exercise 4 days this week
*Not weigh myself daily
*Eat more protein
*Encourage others daily
*Figure out how to record a video!!!

These are my (5) goals for the week. I am confident I can do them.
Another concept I am going to work on this week is finding non-food rewards. Usually as a reward to myself I will have a food a slice of cake..or a brownie. Well...neeedless to say this has to stop. To reward myself for awesome weight loss and hitting my exercise goal..I believe I will buy myself an article of clothing. There are some camis I've had my eye on at Goodwill. Perhaps I will stop in there later this afternoon and treat myself to 2 or 3 of them!

Week Two Journey-Monday Night

I know I said I was not going to exercise today...but i did anyway. It was really bothering me to not do it. I should probably explore why it was getting to me so badly.  I did get upset with someone and really had alot of frustration in me...instead of eating...i figured i would exercise. I am proud of myself for making a better choice than food. If nothing will help me sleep great tonight!

Week Two Journey-Monday movement on the scale this morning...but guess what? Who cares!! I've lost 6pounds since last Tuesday!!! Official weigh-in day is tomorrow. Honestly...i know i need to stop weighing daily..but it keeps me on track and motivated.

I plan on exercising later today..but not sure if i will be able to make that happen. Have to take my daughter to Girl Scouts tonight and when I get back may not be able to get it in. The thought of NOT exercising 2 days in a row does not make me feel great. I feel as though I am not being as committed as possible if I don't work it into my schedule.  The reality of my life is that some days I won't be able to get it in. I am trying to do things in the "weight loss process" that I will do in the maintenance process. And once I am done taking the formula I won't be able to exercise daily. I don't want to start something now that I won't do later...then I will definitely gain the weight back. My exercise goal for this week was 3 times. I met that goal. So I really need to celebrate that I met my exercise goal. I did not make a weight loss goal. I have done that in the past and find that to be non productive.

It's been a great week! So glad I kept going with this!

Week Two Journey-Sunday

Down another pound this AM! That is 6 since Tuesday and the week is not over.
Decided not to exercise today. Taking the day off. But I did buy a new workout tape...Last Chance Workout by Jillian from the Biggest Loser. I anticipate a rough workout!!

Let me 'chat' about the formula. I am finding that I am rarely hungry. Again, when I am I have to decide how i want to use up that little bit of food that I will get a chance to eat. last week, i went grocery shopping and got lots of stuff that i enjoy...strawberries for $1.88 at Walmart, low calorie pudding, 100 calorie snacks, all kinds of things.  Most everything is still in the fridge. I have not eaten one strawberry, pudding cup or yogurt. When I do cook, I find I am having to make really small amounts of food because I don't want leftovers cuz who knows when I will have a chance to eat them! For the most part...this is a good dilemma to have...except there is a psychological component to eating...we don't just eat cuz our bodies need fuel.  For now..I am just being mindful of the fact that i miss the 'psychological' aspect of eating my yummy foods. i am enjoying losing the weight, but i will continue to explore my feelings about missing some of the foods i just to have. with this program...i could, in theory, have anything i want..just in smaller portions. but, i don't want to make poor choices for the little bit of food i am allowed.


Week Two Journey-Saturday Part 2

So, i just wanted to add some info here.
The weight loss picking up..And I love it.
That is motivating me even more to stay true to the plan.
another key point/ HAVE to stop eating when hungry.
sounds like a no brainer...but one you have to separate head hunger/desire to eat something..
from physiological hunger. the formula helps with the physiological have to work on the
psychological reasons that you eat. had my b-day celebration lunch today. went to TGIF. it was hard to
decide what to have. for starters i was absolutely hungry by the time i got there (took formula in the morning then forgot to eat till i was hungry) i LOVE fried green beans. shared them with hubby and ordered another appetizer for my entree. i was (for once) glad to share my food because it helped me eat less. but, i found myself in a real dilemma. I really wanted to have room for that spinach dip i ordered. so..i left some room for the dip..but you know what..i didn't have NEAR the amount that i usually would have had nor did i have NEAR the amount i thought i had saved room for!! it was so tasty. i felt that "stop signal". for a brief moment i told myself to override it. but then...i said "no. stop. you are full. use the tool "the formula" to help you make better choices. so i stopped. let the hubby eat the chips. i brought the rest home. but i don't think i will have it at all. HUGE for me.
i told my husband that when we made it home..i would carve some time out of the evening to exercise..30 mins..and i did just that. i feel it was a successful day!

Week Two Journey-Saturday

Well..guess what?
Down by another 2 pounds this morning!!!
I am AMAZED!!!!!!
I am loving this!
I exercised again yesterday....30 minutes step aerobics. It was really a press for me because I am congested and not feeling 100% but it is totally worth it to see movement like this.
I am motivated to stick with this!

Week Two Journey-Friday

So.. today is Friday of my week two roca labs journey.
As of this morning...down by 3!!
I am super excited.
Yesterday I was down by one and today down by 3!
I exercised yesterday...30 minutes of step aerobics.
I loved it and felt great afterwards.

so a little about the journey....


The formula...I mix the flavorless powder in juice. I use 2 scoops.
I usually warm my juice in the microwave first.
Then I add one teaspoon of the anti-craving powder and 2 scoops of formula.
I close and shake for 30-60 seconds.
Then I let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
It gels..then I partake.
I prefer the gelled way overy chugging it down quickly.
Plus...they say you get better results that way.
Anyway...after i eat it..i follow up with 20-24 oz of water.
This is sometimes hard to do because I am usually feeling pretty full by now.


This is the tough part for me. Why?
Well, because I am a snacker.  And because..with this...I don't really feel hungry.
So, I have to remember to eat. Other issue...stopping when full and not pressing on cuz it "tastes good".
So, I have to remember to make healthy choices and stop when I get that full signal. That signal comes pretty quick and sometimes that leaves me psychologically not satisfied. I am getting better with this. If I take extra bites I ask myself "will these extra bites prevent the scale from moving?"


This is what will be the death of me. Jumping on the scale daily.
My rational self says to weigh once a week. But, I am rarely rational when it comes to weight loss and checking my progress. I will keep you posted on my ability to curb this bad habit


I would like to lose 20-30 pounds.
Starting weight 160. Down by 3 now.
I am very sore this morning. I think I am going to rest today and not exercise.